Finoei Got Reviewed with 5 star Rating

After recently creating our Clutch profile, we quickly earned our first review on the platform. The review has a five-star rating to add more good news. This is an outstanding achievement and an achievement for our team as we move further into the new year.

The review we are talking about today was for a software solutions provider that needed a partner that could help them increase their social media presence.

We fulfilled the client’s requirement with our specialization, specifically, social media management and marketing, online reputation management, SEO, SEM, and Email Marketing. In short, they came to the right team for the job, and we wouldn’t let such a great opportunity go to waste.

Our team did our due diligence for this project and conducted all the appropriate research before even approaching the company with a proposal. The first was to create a space where the brand could establish itself and grow from. We did our best to answer all of our client’s questions regarding the process and the goals we were trying to achieve throughout the whole engagement.

Thankfully, our efforts allowed the client to record more traffic to their website, resulting in more leads that eventually converted into customers. The project’s success led to this review, and we are pretty happy with the score we were given.

Beyond the goodwill and positive marketing that this review provides, we are also beginning to experience upward mobility in our industry because of it. We were recently made aware that our team was listed in Top Design Firms as one of their top 100 social media agencies rankings.

While this is an accomplishment in its own right, we still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do to get to the higher tiers of the list. Nevertheless, this is a challenge that our team is more than ready to meet as the new year unfolds, and we’re looking forward to where we will be as a company by the end of 2022.

If your company is struggling with establishing an identity for your business, we’re the team for you. Our team has the experience and insight to take your business to the next level. Learn more about the services we offer by exploring our website. You can also feel free to contact us directly, and we can begin working on your brand strategy at your earliest convenience.


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