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Do you sometimes wonder why your business needs a social media presence? The ultimate objective of businesses is to generate revenue by selling more products or services. This can be achieved through physical stores, online stores, or by having an interactive website. If you still think in this way, your success will be short-term only. According to a study conducted by Statista, an approximate 3.6 billion people are using social media worldwide in 2020 and the figure is projected to rise to almost 4.41 billion by the year 2025. Social media is considered to be the most voguish online activities. This is one of the significant reasons for your brand to be active on social media.

Nowadays, customers buying patterns have changed. They prefer to buy online and if not at least research about products or services online, make comparisons, and buy from those brands who work hard to provide them with an extra mile of services. Social media has the potential to impact consumer’s perception. Consumers are biased towards those brands which provide the support and service 24/7 round the clock. This is possible with social media channels where consumers can share their experiences, worries, and even ideas with businesses and brands can develop deeper connections with their target audience.

Following are some obvious reasons why your businesses need to be actively present on social media:

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Foster Engagement
  • Develop Loyal Bonds with Target Audience
  • Grow Brand Reputation
  • Generate more qualified leads
  • More focused targeting options available 
  • Drive more traffic to website

These are explained in depth as follows:

Build Brand Awareness

Social media can help you reach a wider audience and inform them about your business’s products or services. Social media is the epitome for free marketing. You can create a free business profile and strengthen your visibility among your existing customers and prospects. Social media can be leveraged to increase awareness of your products or services and establish brand recognition.

Foster Engagement

Social media channels provide lots of interactive features which could be used to maximum advantage to boost engagement of your posts. More engagement leads to better marketing reach and in turn more followers and ROI for your brand. Social media provides real time feedback from consumers and helps in improving the services and delivering better customer value. It helps in forming good relationships with consumers and understanding their needs to serve better in the future. Brand mentions, shares, views, comments, subscriptions work as social proof for your business and expands your community.

Develop Loyal Bonds with Target Audience

Social media is an effective tool to build authenticity and trust among target audiences. Social media helps businesses gain information about their target audience, resolve consumer complaints quickly if any, and provide better value to customers. Social media creates a long lasting association with the target audience due to its interactive nature and produce brand advocates from the existing customer base. 

Grow Brand Reputation

Positive brand image is very important for businesses to prosper. Social media provides many ways to build goodwill, establish credibility, and cultivate your community. When your customers and prospects observe your business posting relevant posts on social media, interacting with them, handling their problems responsibly and swiftly, and actively present for them, they form a positive impression about your business. 

Generate more qualified leads

Social media helps businesses generate qualified leads in two ways which are organic and inorganic means. Those people who are following you on social media already have an interest in your products or services and can be converted to qualified leads by just posting appealing contents in your news feed. This is an organic way of getting leads on social media.

Social media platforms offer advertising features for marketers which can be narrowly targeted to the right audience and generate more quality leads. Social media advertisements drastically improve brand awareness, content visibility, provide valuable customer insights, and produce eligible leads.

More focused targeting options available

Social media platforms are a good resource for researching and finding detailed information about your target audience. Social media have all data about each person available on them, such as age, gender, location, friends, interests, occupation, and many more. This can help marketers design their marketing strategy and target campaigns specifically based on these particulars. It provides an effective way to obtain relevancy and efficient results.

Drive more traffic to website

Businesses leverage social media channels to divert traffic to their business websites. Social media offers the scope of getting back links to websites and boosts SEO efforts affordably. Unique and attractive content on social media platforms catches the attention of the audience easily and this traffic can be effortlessly redirected to the website. E-commerce portals are taking maximum advantage of social media to enhance their visitors.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Social media is a crucial element to integrate with your marketing strategy. It can help you grow your business in an effective and cost effective manner. Big brands realized the power of social media for success and are leveraging the channels to communicate their brand messages and promote products or services. Make a commitment to social media to show off your personality. Listen to your target audience rather than just promoting your business. We are here to help you build a solid social media presence for your brand that will reap you better results in the future. We have assisted many brands to reach their goals and capitalize on changing consumer behavior. Contact us and schedule an appointment to get consultancy for your social media strategy.


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