Digital marketing has become synonymous to marketing as most of the brands are making noises about their products or services through online platforms. Even digital marketing channels are undergoing fast transformation as new technologies are being developed every day. Marketers need to keep pace with high-tech digital marketing evolution and grab the opportunities at hand. Businesses must update and refine their digital marketing tactics as per the need of the hour to generate more and drive the conversions.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best and proven digital marketing tactics that will help you design a perfect marketing strategy for your business. Customer’s needs and behavior has changed. Your business need to deliver more than just value to customers, you have to delight them. Big brands are building strategies aiming to develop emotional bonds with their target audience. Check out the list of trending digital marketing tactics to entice and appeal to more customers:

  • Social Media
  • Video Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Microsites
  • Images and Infographics
  • Live streaming
  • User Generated Content
  • Email Marketing

These are explained in detail below:

Social Media

Social media has become very significant for the businesses as 99% of their target audience spend the most time on them. Social media helps businesses to attract more prospects than through any other medium. Social media can drive more sales and conversions. With a strong social media presence, brands can build more awareness and recognition of their products or services among the customers and prospects. Many brands are utilising social media to develop industry expertise, generate emotional connections and build loyal communities. Social media must be integrated into marketing strategies to fasten the movement through the sales funnel.

Video Content

Video content is gaining popularity as marketing strategists are realising the power of interactive videos to capture attention, generate more leads, and create better engagement. Videos help in creating a more personalized experience for the target audience. People prefer to watch videos rather than reading blogs or articles related to products or services. Statistics reports that more than 500 million hours of videos are being watched on YouTube every single day. Marketers worldwide have the opinion that they receive a good return on investment when they use video contents.

Blog Posts

Blogs are a good way to create awareness of your products and services among the readers. Blogs can help you drive more traffic to your website and build relations with your target customers in an inexpensive way by supplying more detailed informational content. Consistent blogging can also boost your SEO efforts and assists in better ranking on search engines. Around 80% of companies said that they generated fresh leads through their blogging efforts in a recent inbound marketing report. Blogs have the potential to ratify a brand as a thought leader in an industry. Blog posts can be shared easily on other social media platforms and aids in increasing traffic to your business websites.


Microsite is a single page or a small group of web pages created for a specific purpose which can be designed in less time. Companies are taking advantage of micro-sites to promote and sell their products or services in different countries. Micro-sites can fabricate customized impact on target audience and provide search benefits to organizations. With the help of a microsite, you can develop a more focused content strategy, increase brand awareness, and create a better experience for your prospects and customers.

Images and Infographics

Visual content catches quick attention of the target audience as compared to text. With the help of images and photos, you can illustrate your viewpoint more clearly and they complement the text written. People tend to re-share images more promptly and they give rise to more engagements among target audiences.

Infographics help marketing strategists to present greater amounts of information in an easily comprehending and digestible manner. Infographics are more educational, interactive, entertaining, and beneficial tools of marketing. Infographics are extremely shareable and help in better SEO. They provide a better way of communicating brand messages to the target audience.

Live Streaming

Many brands are taking live streaming as their preferred method to reach a broader target audience. Live content has the capacity to produce greater impressions than published posts in the news feed and grow your list of followers. It is the best exemplar of free marketing. Live streaming is yet another cost-effective way to boost audience interaction with your brand. Lots of live streaming mobile applications are available for free for businesses to explore the opportunity, such as Facebook live, Instagram, StreamNow, Alively, and many more. Live streaming develops a sense of personal connection, a humane image of brand, and authenticity. Live stream activities can drive better and strong sales conversions.

Email Marketing

Emails seem to be the least chosen among marketing strategists but it is one of the most effective ways of creating a personalized effect on the target audience. You must integrate email marketing into your overall marketing strategy. When used correctly, email newsletters are an effective technique to institute thought leadership and keep the audience well informed about your company’s updated products or services. Email newsletters form an association of trust with your existing customers and increase referrals. Newsletters are primarily used by companies to maintain ongoing connections with existing customers and contacts and managing brands. Emails are the best method to send well-crafted personalized and individualized messages and create an impression of specialness for the receivers.

User Generated Content

UGC refers to any form of content posted by users on social media platforms having brand mentions. This is gaining momentum as it generates credibility for the businesses. It has more impact on people as compared to posts generated by brands itself. UGC is a social proof and vote of confidence for a brand. 

Key Take Aways

Digital marketers have too many options to select from as more and more of their target customers are present over the internet. You must understand your buyer personas and perform an in-depth analysis of competitors before blending any of the digital marketing tactics in your marketing strategy. As technology is evolving, new brands are surfacing in the domain of digital marketing, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), chatbots, visual search, and others. Digital marketing empowers businesses with the skill to attain sustainable and viral growth. We, at Finoei, can help you achieve your marketing goals and reach unbeatable heights of success. Contact us to assist your brand flourish and to stand out of the competition.


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