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The top priority goal of any website is to get more and more conversions. You want your visitors to stay longer on your website and keep on coming back. But you will be surprised to know that according to a study conducted by Bounce Exchange, 70 to 96% of the visitors quitting your website never return. Not all the visitors landing on your website read an entire page or blog, they scan the page quickly to find whether it is worth reading or not. They just look for the chunk of information that they find relevant to their search. Of course, you need to put fresh, interesting, and pertinent content on your website to keep your visitors stay longer on your website and relapsing. 

Your chances to generate more leads and convert visitors into customers drastically increase if your content could hold them for an extended period on the website. You cannot accomplish this objective if your visitors are not reading your website content. You can use various analytics tools to measure key metrics in order to find engagement with your site. Some of the commonly used metrics by marketers are the total number of sessions, time spent on site, page views, interactions per visit, bounce rate, and many more. 

Here are some magnetic ways to enhance visitor’s average time spent on your website and optimize readability:

  • Proper structuring of content on the page 
  • Make use of visual content
  • Put strategic calls to action on every page
  • Improve page load time
  • Provide internal linking
  • An irrefutable exit-intent popup

These solutions are explained in detail below

Proper structuring of content on the page

Presentation is very important. You need to divide the whole content of either a web page or blog posts into multiple sections so that the reader can easily scan and get an idea about it. If you put all your content in one long paragraph format, no visitor is going to read it and stick to your website. You must make your content more consumable by following these actionable tips outlined below:

  • Make use of lists that are favored by readers as well as search engines. Lists can be bulleted or numbered as per the requirement of your content. 
  • Use right font size and adequate spacing between lines to make it easy on eyes for the readers
  • Make your content more understandable by using proper headers. Absence of headers might result in enhanced bounce rates.
  • You can also break down your content into a table format to help users apprehend information easily with a glance.
  • Write alluring subheadings to develop a sense of curiosity in the readers

Make use of visual content

It proves to be the easiest way to keep visitors longer on the website. Visual content such as images, videos, and infographics captivate your visitor’s attention and develop interest which results in longer visit durations as compared to text. Use of multimedia increases user engagement and ends up in attaining the conversion goal. Some modern sites are utilizing this technique of incorporating multimedia to showcase their products or services in detail.  Video content is considered one of the most interactive and effective content that can increase the average user time on your website. You can use an embedded video player or a full-width video in the background of the homepage.

Put strategic calls to action (CTAs) on every page

Call to action helps in prompting an immediate response or encouraging immediate action. Thus, it is advised to include at least one call to action on every page of your website that might eventually lead to conversion. A call to action in a web design can be a button, banner, text, or some graphic to induce visitors to click it and slide down a conversion funnel. For example, you can give information about your products or services or provide links to some other content. CTAs direct users to the next steps they should take on your website. A suitable call to action provides them a reason to remain on your site for more time or establish a long term connection through email newsletters. You can give static or animated slide-in CTAs to suit your site’s requirements. 

Improve page load time

Some websites experience high bounce rates. One of the reasons for this is more page loading time. You need to reduce the loading time of your site to keep your user on it for a long time. Studies reveal that conversion rate reduces by 7% if the page response gets delayed by even 1 second. Visitors usually don’t wait for the website to load more than the estimated time. Following are some steps you can take to reduce your loading time:

  • Employ a content delivery network (CDN
  • Use compressed images

Provide internal linking

Internal links are a good way to keep your users on a website for an extended time by providing more information on some topics. Internal linking your web pages also improves your site’s SEO. If you provide links to other related pages on the website it will maintain the reader’s interest in your website and hold them there for a longer time. This could result in some sort of conversion or the reader might share an email address for getting future post updates.

An irrefutable exit-intent popup

You must have come across pop-ups on another website when you are to leave the website. These are exit-intent pop-ups that are extensively effective and can be leveraged in many ways. This can be used to present special offers or gated content like case studies, testimonials, or explainer videos to the visitor so as to prolong their interest in your website. By employing an exit-intent popup, you can place an irresistible lead magnet in front of the visitor in exchange for their email address. Many marketers have experienced an increase in their conversion rates after taking advantage of exit-intent pop-ups.

To Summarize

We hope this article gives you some ideas on how to increase the average visitor’s time on the website. With careful and persistent efforts, you can maintain long-lasting interest in your visitors, reduce bounce rates, and convert more visitors into loyal customers. If you need any kind of help to make your website more interactive, you can reach out to our experts at Finoei.


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