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Bill gate, an American business magnate and co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, once said: “Content is King”. This is now being followed prominently by almost of big brands. Content marketing has become the central organ of a successful digital marketing strategy that pumps energy to all other marketing efforts. Valuable and relevant content act as a bridge connecting companies with their target audience. As per a report published by DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and produces about 3 times more leads. In this competitive scenery, businesses are concentrating their resources on the content marketing strategy to establish unique and distinguishable identity for their brands from others. Content marketing is able to provide sustainable growth for most businesses as it answers your audience’s unasked queries.

Content marketing is one of the productive ways of building engagement, establishing brand identity, and driving revenue for all types of businesses. With evolution in customer perceptions, they anticipate high-quality, relevant, and consistent content from businesses. Content marketing efforts have a deep impact on customer’s psychology and affect their decision-making process. A study by Mckinsey & Company shows that content consistency is the key to make customers satisfied with your business across the entire buying journey. From this, we apprehend that content needs to be consistent. But, do you know how quality content affects your business performance and why you should spend some time crafting a suitable plan for content marketing? Here we will be presenting some of the benefits of a good content marketing strategy:

  • Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • An affordable way to get more leads
  • Exhibit Industry Expertise
  • Improve Audience Retention & Build Brand Advocates
  • Distinguishes from Competitors
  • Build Authority and Trust
  • Influence Conversions

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines like Google give priority to high-quality and regular content. Content marketing supplements your SEO efforts and helps you rank higher in the search engines. Great content drives more traffic to your business website and this will signal search engines that your website content is relevant and strong and thus results in better ranking. The businesses who have learned how to land to the top of search engine result page are the most successful players in their industry. 

Affordable way to get more leads

Good quality content definitely helps you generate more leads in a cost-effective fashion. When you consistently post appealing content, your target audience more likely will get interested in purchasing your products or services in the future. Useful and informational content is the best way to reroute visitors to a landing page. Strong content also provide better social media traction for your business. You can give call-to-actions in your content to guide users for the next step to take. Aberdeen published a research report that year-over-year rise in unique website traffic is 7.8 times greater for content marketing leaders as compared to the followers (19.7% vs. 2.5%).

Exhibit Industry Expertise

Content marketing helps your brand to establish thought leadership by demonstrating your field related expertise. Your content not only imparts valuable and insightful knowledge to your target audience but also forms a positive image of your brand in their minds. This will come to their conscience when they make purchase decisions in the product or service category related to your business. The consumers prefer to buy from the brands who have displayed their expertise. 

Improve Audience Retention & Build Brand Advocates

Content is a critical asset for any organization. Your content marketing efforts can create a favorable experience for your audience and force them to visit regularly for more. It is a proven technique to keep your audience bonded and reinforce brand equity. When you build a community of loyal customers with exclusive, then you can easily transform them into brand advocates who can elevate your brand through their recommendations, positive reviews, and word of mouth marketing.

Distinguishes from Competitors

In this highly competitive world, it is essential for businesses special SMEs to stand out of the crowd. Content marketing plays a significant role in developing a unique identity for your business and highlight your special features. Consumers choose those brands who can solve their product or service-related problems and provide relevant remedial solutions with helpful information. Content marketing can support you create a professional brand personality that your target market would incline to. 

Build Authority and Trust

Quality content makes your brand more authoritative in your industry and your audience would turn to you whenever they face any challenges. It will in turn results in better ranking for your website. Content helps in developing a strong relationship between your business with your existing and potential customers. Content marketing creates customers value, form a constructive brand reputation, and produces a profitable return on investments.

Influence Conversions

Superior and consistent content posted by your business helps your prospects make an informed purchasing decision. Consumers apparently gets more inclined to your brand and purchase from you when they consistently view your content. Content marketing has a convincing impact on conversion rates. Aberdeen conducted a research and discovered that conversion rates are approximately 6 times more for content adopters than non-adopters (2.9% vs 0.5%).

To Summarize

Content marketing is a principal tool in the digital marketing toolbox. From social media to email marketing, content provides support to all the other digital marketing strategies. Not only this, but content also performs an important function during all the step of the marketing funnel. Content boosts your brand’s visibility and personality. It is very crucial for the business to create the right content and publish at the right time on the right channel. If you do not want to be crushed in the landslide of competitions, then you must develop a well-designed content marketing strategy keeping your target audience in focus. If you have tried all means to come at the top and still have not achieved what you aspire, reach out to our team to guide you with your exclusive content marketing strategy.


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